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What’s That Smell?

Hands down, one of the best modern developments is indoor plumbing. Our modern plumbing systems are designed to make stinky waste odors leave your home. Therefore, if you begin to notice an unpleasant smell coming from your indoor drains, it can cause alarm. No one wants a toilet backup to overflow in their home! ItRead the full article

Bleach and Your Septic System

In 2020, the fear of germs and the COVID-19 virus spurred a huge portion of the American population to stock up on cleaning products. In stores across the United States, antibacterial cleaning products and those known to “kill germs” could not be kept on store shelves. As soon as they would come in, they wereRead the full article

How Kids Can Negatively Affect Your Septic System

When your family expands, there is joy and blessing that abounds. Whether through natural birth or adoption, adding children to a family is a wonderful cause for celebration. While children are indeed a blessing, they also come with many extra responsibilities. There is the cost of feeding and clothing them, the cost of seeing toRead the full article

Tips to Prevent Bathroom Sink Clogs

When your home relies on a septic system, everything that goes down your drains matters. Your plumbing drains are designed to carry wastewater from your home to the septic tank. Just like pipes on a sewer system, the lines running to your septic tank can become clogged. Not only do clogged pipes disrupt your home,Read the full article

3 Main Causes Of Septic Backup

Any septic tank owner will tell you that the most dreaded issue is a septic backup. A septic tank is meant to collect all the waste from your home in a tank that is separate from the house. However, a backup means that your wastes are flowing in the opposite direction, and wastewater returns toRead the full article

Feed Your Septic System

Your body requires food to use as fuel each day. Food provides your body with energy and nutrients to thrive. Without adequate nutrition, your body will weaken, and all systems will begin to shut down. This is the typical reason fad diets do not work – they deplete the body of certain nutrients (carbs, forRead the full article

Tips for New Septic Tank Owners

Moving is an exciting time. Whether you are relocating for a new job out of state, “upgrading” from a starter home to a bigger house for your growing family, or downsizing as empty-nesters, moving can bring about many changes. If you are moving from a home on a sewer system to a home with aRead the full article

How Laundry Impacts Your Septic Tank

When it comes to choosing laundry detergent, you have a lot of options. Many people choose a detergent based on scent alone, while others have other criteria that must be met before using it within their home. Whether you choose your detergent based on what’s on sale, what has the “cleanest” ingredients, or a refreshingRead the full article

Where Should a Septic Tank be Placed?

Building a new home is pretty exciting. You get to start from scratch, choosing materials and colors that suit your style. You can customize a home and the landscape outside to suit the individual needs of your family. Yet, one of the “not so glamorous” things to choose is where a septic tank should beRead the full article

Don’t Flush Medication Down the Drain

When it comes to flushing things down your toilet or put down the sink, stuff matters. Coffee grounds, grease, and baby wipes are never to be put into your septic system, but other things can cause adverse effects. Unwanted, unused, and expired medications do not mix well with septic systems – and they need toRead the full article

Flushable Wipes and Your Septic System

Flushable wipes have been readily available for a few years now. They provide a way to get extra clean in the nether regions so that you do not feel uncomfortable after using the bathroom. Flushable wipes claim to be safe for septic systems, but are they really? Here’s our professional take on flushable wipes andRead the full article

Is Your Septic System Supporting or Harming the Environment?

When people think of a septic tank going awry, they typically think of foul odors, slow running toilets, or even disgusting backups. While these most certainly occur, there is also a serious environmental risk involved when a septic tank fails to operate correctly. In most situations, a septic system is more environmentally friendly than aRead the full article

Septic Repairs Without Ruining Your Yard

Many people dread the thought of having their septic tank drained or repaired because of the damage that will occur to their yard or landscaping. This is understandable as many properties have been ruined in the past by companies who have little to no regard for how much damage they can cause. In the past,Read the full article

Bacteria is NOT Always Bad

With the media spouting off information every day about the dangers of germs, many people are stuck believing that all bacteria are bad and harmful. Bacteria are put in a negative category, and many people try to avoid all bacteria like they would avoid a plague. However, while there are harmful bacteria that can causeRead the full article

Why Toilet Paper Matters to Your Septic Tank

You’ve probably never thought about toilet paper more in your life than you have thought about it in the last few weeks. With toilet paper in such high demand, you are probably finding that you have to purchase different brands and different types of toilet paper than before. You need toilet paper, so you settleRead the full article

What Happens in a Septic Tank Pumping

Many people are told that if their home is on a septic tank that they need to have it pumped regularly. Yet, few people actually know what happens during a septic tank pump. First and foremost, know this: a septic tank pumping is not a DIY project! Having your septic tank pumped requires hiring a trustedRead the full article

Mind What you Put Down Your Sink

Septic systems are underground wastewater treatment structures that use a combination of nature and proven technology to treat wastewater from household plumbing. Septic systems treat water that drains from the house produced by bathrooms, laundry, and kitchen drains. When it comes to your septic system, it is essential to remember that all water runs out ofRead the full article

Main Line Cleaning

When your septic lines are clogged, it can lead to a troublesome and often nasty problem inside your home. A sink or toilet that is backed-up can begin to drain inside, instead of properly draining out through the pipes. A main septic line clog can be a big problem, but there are a few thingsRead the full article

Locating Your Septic Tank

We often get calls from customers asking how to locate a septic tank on their property. For those homeowners who do not have a special riser that raises the lid of the septic tank above ground, it may be challenging to locate your septic tank. However, there are a few things that you can doRead the full article

Get To Know Sump Pumps

There are many different components of septic services. One of the more uncommon components is known as a sump pump. At Septic Service Pro, we specialize in all aspects of septic services. A sump pump is a part of some homes that collects liquids in a low space. Cars have sumps, for instance, that collectRead the full article

Septic System Basics: How does it work?

Moving into a home with a septic system is common in many of today’s residential areas. Understanding how a septic system works is beneficial so that you can help it to work appropriately, know when things go awry, and know what to do if problems occur. There are different design variations of septic systems, butRead the full article

What Happens If I Don’t Pump My Septic Tank?

We hear something like this all the time: “We just bought a new {to us} home and found out that the septic tank has never been pumped. Should we have it done?” Before giving you the obvious answer, let us ask you a question: If you haven’t had your car’s oil changed in six months,Read the full article

Focusing On Your Flushing

Do you realize how many times you flush a toilet each day? It’s a simple act that most people don’t even think about when they do it. It’s like flipping a light switch or turning a doorknob. We do these things without much intention or thought. However, flushing your toilet should come with a doseRead the full article

Septic Service Pro Loves Your Yard Too!

When you have an issue with your septic, it can disrupt a lot of your usual routines and give you a feeling of uneasiness as you wonder what will happen. If you’re having septic problems, you can have peace of mind that our professionals at Septic Service Pro will provide you with high-quality service andRead the full article

Septic Lids

Septic Service Pro’s septic services provide both residents and businesses with full-service septic tank pumping and septic tank cleaning in North Georgia. If Your Septic Lid Breaks Every septic system requires a septic lid. These are typically concrete fixtures that prevent both odors and sewage from seeping into your yard. A heavy septic lid helpsRead the full article

Main Line Cleaning

Are you noticing more clogging in your sinks, showers or toilets? If so, this could be due to buildup or blockages in your main line. Septic tank clogging can be due to a variety of reasons. You can tell if you have a main line clog if you notice water is backing up out ofRead the full article

A Healthy Septic System

The health of something is usually dependent upon the types of foods used to nourish it. Take for example the human body. For your gut to be healthy, it requires a healthy gut microbiome. A less diverse and less balanced microbiome in your gut can harm your health. For this reason, it’s important to drinkRead the full article

It’s Cold Outside! Keeping Your Outdoor Fixtures Protected

Have you been staying warm this winter? According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the Southeastern parts of the United States will experience “Potent storm moves northeast from the Gulf of Mexico with moderate amounts of rain, Cold air from Canada pours south, bringing a significant freeze into the region, even Florida.” Are your outdoor fixtures readyRead the full article

Making Commercial Septic Tank Inspections Part Of Your Business

If you’ve heard the term, “It’s none of your business,” you probably are being rudely told to ignore or not concern yourself with something. Septic Service Pro would like to invite you to make your commercial septic tank inspections and cleaning as a vital part of your business. The harmful results of ignoring your septicRead the full article

Wondering About Your Sewer Line?

Do you ever get a hunch that something is not right? If you’re thinking you might have sewer line issues, call our professionals at Septic Service Pro. Your hunch may be correct. Our staff is available to investigate and handle all of your sewer and septic services. There are a variety of possible reasons whyRead the full article

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Jim is a true professional who worked with me over months to identify and correct septic field problems. His positive attitude and helpful discussion in resolving issues is the best I found.


Mike and Shane came out and did an outstanding job on replacing our septic pump. Same day service - and they came out on a Friday evening! Mother's day would not have been very happy if they didn't save the day. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!


We had our septic tank pumped and baffle tee replaced. The guys were on time, respectful and quick. They cleaned up very well after the job and even fluffed our pine straw to perfection!! We'd recommend these guys without hesitation.


Michael and Shane did an awesome job. Had to pump the septic,install a new baffle tee and tail out line. Very little yard displaced. Will definitely use Septic Service Pro again. Very pleased.


We live in Dawsonville. The crew that came out was very professional. The company owner explained to me the value and the many details about the septic that I did not know, that is why I chose them in the first place. Excellent service. R.McGary


Jim and his crew installed a new leech field for us quickly and professionally at a very reasonable cost. They handled all of the permitting and inspections and completed the work in a timely manner. Would recommend them to anyone.


Michael and assistant pointed out a leaking toilet that I didn't know I had (saved me $ there!). They also disturbed very little of the yard to get to the tank. Not the super cheapest but no hard upsell when they got here. Very pleased.


The team was efficient, friendly, knowledgeable and FAST to arrive. The bill was extremely reasonable for the work needed to be done. I would HIGHLY recommend Septic Service Pro.


These guys were amazing. Jim and Mike came when they said they would, did the job, explained everything they did. Very courteous,and professional. I am a handicapped person and felt extremely comfortable with them at my home. Thank you!!!!!


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